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Okay so I semi-announced this a couple days ago: All work on the Ninmu Nanmu game is suspended, the game may or may not ever be finished, and I'm planning to offer refunds to the people who contributed to my IndieGoGo campaign. 

So far most people responding to the news have been kinder than I could have hoped, and that has made this process much easier for me. Thank you all for being so understanding.

The Game

The game is, at present, a disorganized collection of ideas, notes, concept art, and source code. There isn't even really a partially finished game to show, which is really the problem. As far as I can tell I have absolutely no talent for organizing a complicated project. I can confidently say that I am good at making many of the ingredients of a good game, but it seems that I should not be the person in charge of planning or directing the development process. I'm not sure that will ever change and I don't know that there's any way around it; even seemingly simple games can be very complex to build.

That said, I still enjoy working on games and I'd still like to finish this one eventually. I just can't predict when that might be and I can't leave people hanging forever.


I'll be offering refunds to any of my IndieGoGo supporters who want one. I have an email address for each contributor and I'll be sending an email to each one over the next week or so. I expect there will be some trouble from old email addresses, mail caught in spam filters, and so on, but with a little work I should be able to contact everybody. Feel free to contact me here on DA using comments and/or notes, as that is probably more convenient anyway. I can't afford to refund everybody immediately, but I'll handle the refunds as quickly as my budget allows. I will stop accepting refund requests at the end of March, and hopefully the whole process will be wrapped up before June.

The exact method of the refund will have to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Paypal is an obvious option, and if you live in the United States I can probably send you a check. For a slightly more creative option, I could buy you a game on steam that costs about the same as your contribution amount. In any case I'm sure we'll be able to get it all figured out one way or another.

Thank You

I want to say thank you again to anybody who supported the IGG campaign, who has been following the game since then, or really anybody who has supported my comics/art/whatever over the years. Every time I'm afraid I've really screwed up and people will never forgive me, you guys manage to prove me wrong.


I'm streaming more/again/something. Still just practicing. I don't know how to announce things like this so bear with me.
Soo I'm gonna try to live stream some art stuff? I'm just messing around but it might be amusing to watch!
Blergh I spend too much time at work x_x. I want to upload stuff but I don't have enough time to make anything nice. Probably should just post sketches till I have more free time.
Err... so I guess my expired membership made my pre-scheduled updates invisible but didn't actually remove them..? I don't even know anymore.
Err... so my "core membership" expired and for various reasons I'm not going to be renewing it any time soon. I guess this means I can't schedule posts in advance any more, cause it seems to have deleted the stuff I had scheduled.

So I uploaded the stuff to Tumblr, where I can schedule posts without paying.


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