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deviation in storage by BlackMageAlodia


Huh, I seem to have some "Correspondence Messages" but they are blank..? More likely it's buggy and not displaying right but I have no idea why that would be.
Raw Scan #001 - Robot Bodies Maybe? by JohnColburn
Raw Scan #001 - Robot Bodies Maybe?
And now for yet another new(ish) thing. It's time for a Raw Scan!

It's a random page of drawings, scanned with really basic settings, and posted without any modification. Pretty much as close as I can get to holding up the sheet of paper for everybody to look at.

I picked this one to go first because it's just some random TG-ish thing I did. I don't really remember the story I had in mind, but I think it involved remotely controlling robotic bodies. Apparently he didn't get the one he was expecting..?

This is just another way for me to keep my DA account a little more active without actually increasing my workload by much. I scan 90% of my drawings anyway and some of them are reasonably interesting. Probably also messy and unfinished, but that's kinda interesting in its own way.

At least I know for sure this one goes in Traditional Media because I didn't edit it at all. I don't even use any of the auto-adjustments on the scanner.
TG Caption 002 - Carlos' Weekend by JohnColburn
TG Caption 002 - Carlos' Weekend
And so the madness continues...

This was actually supposed to be the third one, but when I reviewed DA's policies I realized that the original #2 probably counts as "pornography" by their definition. It's... actually kinda hard to say for sure? Rules like this are always super vague and subjective. I might just try posting it anyway, and I guess they can tell me to take it down if it bothers them?

Either way, that's not important to this deviation. In this one we touch on the eternal question: Is sexual preference a part of the mind, the body, or both? I don't even try to answer that question, but whatever amulet/spell/staircase Carlos and Becca used must think it's part of the body. I don't know if I've ever actually seen a real magazine featuring naked men, and I don't know anybody who still uses magazines as a source of erotic imagery, but it gets the idea across. Apparently Carlos has stumbled upon Becca's collection of "Sexy Surfer Dudes" or something. Perhaps Becca is having a similar experience..?

I don't even know. I'm just saying stuff cause I don't like leaving this box empty >.>

PS I don't even know if I should put these in "traditional art" or "digital art". It's a pencil drawing, but the text is digital. Also, this one needed a lot digital touchups because the original had mad eraser smudges and stuff. Gonna throw it in digital. I never even pay attention to these categories when I'm browsing DA most of the time...
Just double-checked and the next caption thing I was going to post is probably against DA's terms of service. So... skipping that one for now I guess?
TG Caption 001 - Todd's Bracelet by JohnColburn
TG Caption 001 - Todd's Bracelet
So here's something a little bit different!

I know I haven't posted much TG/TF stuff for kind of a long time. There's some reasons for that which I might discuss in more detail eventually. The short version is that I have mixed feelings about many parts of the "TG Community" here on DA and other websites. There's a lot of guilt, shame, loathing, and other negativity. Some is subtle, much is not, but either way I really don't want to be a part of that.

Either way, I'm back and posting this thing. It's based on the idea of "TG Captions" which many of you have probably seen around, but is done with my own drawing so it's not a copyright disaster. I'm also aiming for fun and fantasy instead of horror and coercion. I've got two more of these mostly finished so I'll post those over the next week or so. Depending on reactions and what I've got going I might make more.

Also, I know I'm not posting enough updates about the game. I'll try to get those rolling out again as well. These caption things don't really take much work so they're not diverting any significant time from working on the game. They're a good warm-up / break time activity compared to the more serious work of game development.
I assume most of my watchers are already aware, but some other guys are also doing a TG/TF themed game; DKDevil and Zetsub are hard at work on their visual novel game (latest update), and are also trying to get it approved on Steam Greenlight.

I dunno if you've ever read the comments on greenlight, but that stuff can be really harsh. A lot of people are trashing this game for no good reason, so if you like what DK and Zet are doing and you want to support their game you should get over there and vote; if you've already voted, leave a positive comment about how excited you are to play the game. A lot of people are questioning why the game got funded and who would actually want to play it: Get over there and tell them. Indie games thrive on the support of their fans, so don't hold back!


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rossni Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
Miss your comic work
salexpie Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
I was just looking through the ninmu nanmu comic since it had been a long time since you stopped drawing it to make your game, and I was wondering if you had ever considered doing more work on the comic, since reading it again made me realize how good I think it is.
JohnColburn Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I've definitely thought about it, but I barely have enough time to work on the game. I don't think I could make comics at any real rate without stealing time from somewhere I can't really spare it.
salexpie Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
Alright, just curious to see where the comic was going to end up. If you don't think you have the time, then don't worry about it.
linhloveworld Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
Happy new year 2015! In 2015,i wish that you will be happy ,fun and succesful.:D (Big Grin) Meow :3 
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