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That whole IndieGoGo disaster is finished so I guess it's about time I pushed that journal off the front page. I wish I could make some big announcement about starting up comics again or something but honestly I have no idea what I'm doing. So I'm kinda throwing this journal together to help me think I guess. Journals are supposed to be good for that sort of thing.

Resume Comics?

A lot of people have said they hope I return to making comics. That's definitely something I'd like to do at some point but ... I guess there are some issues? Well... more like I'm not totally sure how to go about it. I could just try to pick up exactly where I left off with Ninmu Nanmu and make comics exactly the way I used to... except that I wasn't doing very well in the first place. I never updated on time because it took me an unreasonable amount of time to finish each page. If I want to return to comics I'm going to need to do something differently but at this stage I'm not really sure what.

Make Games?

I also haven't given up on the idea of making games. I've poked at the code for Ninmu Nanmu here and there... I'm really happy with a lot of it, I just have no idea how to make an actual game. I'm good with code and decent with art but apparently terrible at game design? Or more accurately terrible at planning and executing a game design more complicated than "jump from platform to platform". So I dunno, maybe I should just try to make a couple super simple games and see if I can build toward something more interesting.

Life is Hard

For the last six months I've been working as a school bus driver... the pay is actually pretty good all things considered. Better than any other job I've had in the past at least. Unfortunately it turned out to be way more exhausting than I would have guessed, so I generally had no time for anything beyond working, chores, and staying sane. On the upside, I have the summer off because school is out and there's not much work for school bus drivers. If I want to make comics or games (or have any hobbies, really) I'll need to find a different job before September. Part of me wants to throw myself into comics, commissions, etc and try to make money that way but... that's an extremely difficult road.

That 'TG' Stuff

Probably a lot of people following me here on DeviantArt want to see me return to the quasi-fetish TG-themed stuff I used to post, but honestly I'm kinda burned out on that. It's not like I've lost interest altogether or anything I just... I dunno, I'm bothered by a lot of what goes on with TG transformations/captions/whatever. There's a bizarre level of sexism, homophobia, and transphobia and I'm really not okay with that. From day one I've been doing TG stuff motivated by humor, curiosity, and exploring differences between men and women. I've probably made some missteps but I never wanted to suggest that any combination of male/female/straight/gay/cis/trans/etc is better or worse than any other.

I dunno I'm really bumming myself out with this topic. I'm starting to think maybe this is the single biggest obstacle to resuming comics and other art here... I don't want to hurt anybody and I don't want to be part of a pattern or community that hurts people. In the beginning I was just like "Hey my comic will have gay people and trans people and it'll be awesome!" and then I realized that it's actually really easy to fuck up and become part of the problem without even realizing it.

I think that's enough journal for now. I've got a better idea of what I need to figure out, so mission accomplished I guess?


I'm trying to make the next page of Ninmu Nanmu and streaming it too I guess:
My stream is totally live! And I'm drawing stuff in it!
I am planning to stream some art stuff tonight starting at 6:00pm CST / 11:00pm UTC. Will be here:
I'm streaming more/again/something. Still just practicing. I don't know how to announce things like this so bear with me.
Soo I'm gonna try to live stream some art stuff? I'm just messing around but it might be amusing to watch!


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