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"Tomorrow holds no promises, except the ones we've made." - Icon for Hire, Slow Down

Something about that line hits me hard. It almost brings tears to me, but not in a bad way. Not even sure why.
I need to find a way to organize my art files better. I've got like 15 years of art totalling something like 35gb across several thousand files. It's amazing I can still find anything... X_x;
Raw Scan #003 - Nanosuit part 2 by JohnColburn
Raw Scan #003 - Nanosuit part 2
Aaaand here's Nanosuit part 2.

For some reason these drawings are better than part 1. I think I was trying to come up with a good design for the nanosuit, so I started concentrating a bit more. That would also explain why the mask changes from one panel to the next, as I was trying to find something I liked. Also boobs. They happen once in a while.
TG Caption 003 - Andy's Girlfriend by JohnColburn
TG Caption 003 - Andy's Girlfriend
Okay so here's that caption I said might not be allowed on DA. I'm still not totally sure, so... I guess we'll find out? I'm willing to risk it because you can't actually see the point of contact, and it's way less offensive than lots of stuff that's apparently fine for DA.

I was gonna post it last wednesday but I was super sick all week. Then I wanted to see if my tablet still works, and it mostly does. I had to tape some cardstock over the drawing area because the original surface was so badly damaged I had to remove it.

One good side effect of these captions (and also the "raw scans") is that it gives me more room to experiment without too much pressure. With a comic/game/whatever like NNLAF it starts to get a little stressful with the same characters and everything pointing toward a bigger goal. It makes mistakes hurt more and makes risks feel harder to take. That kinda kills creativity, because being creative requires taking risks and making stupid mistakes sometimes. But I don't feel that bad if a caption or raw scan flops because it's just a one-shot thing anyway.
Raw Scan #002 - Nanosuit part 1 by JohnColburn
Raw Scan #002 - Nanosuit part 1
Yay another Raw Scan! These really are easy because I have a huge backlog of scans to choose from. For a long time I didn't want to share unfinished drawings, and it still makes me kinda embarassed, but eh... they're not doing anybody any good if I keep them to myself forever. By calling them "Raw Scans" I figure I can ignore anybody who gives me shit because I already made it clear it's not finished and it's not supposed to be.

I think I drew this after playing a Crysis 2 maybe? Not back when Crysis 2 came out; I didn't play it until I got it for cheap on a steam sale or something. Late 2014 sometime. It was an okay game, and I kinda liked the idea of the nanosuit. So why not make a nanosuit transformation? I never really came up with many cool design details for the suit, I have no logical reason for the suit to transform the wearer, and I didn't like the idea enough to finish it up. There's another page of drawings for this idea which I'll post as the next Raw Scan thingy, which is why I called this one "part 1".

As a side note, these drawings are all Creative Commons just like most of the stuff I post, so if anybody wants to take an idea or drawing and run with it that's totally fine with me. Check out the creative commons link somewhere around here for info if you're interested in that.
I assume most of my watchers are already aware, but some other guys are also doing a TG/TF themed game; DKDevil and Zetsub are hard at work on their visual novel game (latest update), and are also trying to get it approved on Steam Greenlight.

I dunno if you've ever read the comments on greenlight, but that stuff can be really harsh. A lot of people are trashing this game for no good reason, so if you like what DK and Zet are doing and you want to support their game you should get over there and vote; if you've already voted, leave a positive comment about how excited you are to play the game. A lot of people are questioning why the game got funded and who would actually want to play it: Get over there and tell them. Indie games thrive on the support of their fans, so don't hold back!


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rossni Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
Miss your comic work
salexpie Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
I was just looking through the ninmu nanmu comic since it had been a long time since you stopped drawing it to make your game, and I was wondering if you had ever considered doing more work on the comic, since reading it again made me realize how good I think it is.
JohnColburn Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I've definitely thought about it, but I barely have enough time to work on the game. I don't think I could make comics at any real rate without stealing time from somewhere I can't really spare it.
salexpie Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
Alright, just curious to see where the comic was going to end up. If you don't think you have the time, then don't worry about it.
linhloveworld Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy new year 2015! In 2015,i wish that you will be happy ,fun and succesful.:D (Big Grin) Meow :3 
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