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May 2, 2009
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Ninmu Nanmu - C1 - P1 by JohnColburn Ninmu Nanmu - C1 - P1 by JohnColburn
So it continues? Maybe. I felt inspired to make one page, at least.

This was brought out mainly by the fact that work on the game encountered a severe setback due to the revised OpenGL 3.1 standard. Most of the rendering code got scrapped... which was more than half the code in place. Too bad, so sad.

Seeing the game lose progress like that made me feel like working on something else for a while, so I made this. This is the first page of a series that, if I keep working, replaces the original Raver/Ninmu Nanmu comics.

I changed a lot of the story for the game, and these comics reflect those changes.

I'm definitely going to do some work on a page 2. If I finish it, I'll keep going. Maybe it'll go somewhere, maybe it won't.

One thing is for sure: Making this was pretty fun, and I really like how it turned out. Black lines, bold colors, and a fast pace. Sounds like a recipe for badass comics.
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Ah, it's been a while... I'm out of the loop agian.
OK, so let me get this straight. This is Ninmu Nanmu currently, and it completely replaces the story of the original Ninmu Nanmu? And it is part of the same universe that this game will hopefully take place in?
JohnColburn May 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
This is Ninmu Nanmu currently: True

Completely replaces the story of the original Ninmu Nanmu: True

Is part of the same universe that the game takes place in: True

The wording on the last one is weird though; Not only does it take place in the same universe, it is precisely the same story. This comic will likely serve as a script and reference for parts of the game. Obviously some events won't translate literally (good gameplay rarely makes for good reading) but things should be about the same.

That's assuming, of course, that I don't find reason to make even more changes along the way.
So, in a way, the comic is an adaptation of the video game?
JohnColburn May 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Somewhat. I could just write a script or story, but I'm better at expressing ideas visually. So I'm making the comic to sort of help figure out and record the things I want to put into the game.

I guess it's a little bit like making comics/storyboards before making a movie.
tghawk555 May 2, 2009  Student Writer
Love the Achmed the Dead Terrorist reference! Can't wait to see more of the comic!
JohnColburn May 2, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I didn't intentionally reference anybody. I think "Are you a terrorist?"/"I don't know, are you terrified?" is a pretty predictable joke, honestly. Doesn't surprise me if you've seen it elsewhere.
Waugh! They speak!
I like the comic you are making here. The first little joke was very funny. I know that for a fact that that is how some people would react. I hope you do keep the story going. I always do like looking at all your stuff.

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