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June 4, 2009
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Ninmu Nanmu - C1 - P4 by JohnColburn Ninmu Nanmu - C1 - P4 by JohnColburn
And so it begins.

It's hard to draw a straight comparison, but I like to think things have come a long way since the original raver tg tf. Certainly more colorful these days, at any rate.

I'm having a lot of fun intertwining the transformation with the continuing story. I've done many many sequences with little or no background, but those fall a bit flat in the long run. For TG to be truly meaningful it must have context; a man is hardly any sort of man if he only exists for one panel. The point of turning a man into a woman is that he used to be a man. I did my best across the first three pages to express, as quickly as possible, the sort of person Anarchy is. My hope is that it will make the following pages that much more meaningful.

Obviously, things have a lot more direction this time around. The TF is happening for a very specific reason rather than it just being a random doodle. The allusions at the bottom of the page are just the beginning of an explanation that will take some time to fully explore. Also, Anarchy reacts in a slightly more logical way this time around. He tries to rationalize it at first and then begins to panic when he can no longer explain what is happening.

Eh, I dunno what else to say I guess. Here's a comic.
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Asrath Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Aye, changing sex sucks... but being born as the wrong sex sucks more, because you start out thinking you're going nuts and stuff.
Until you realize... that a guy is all you've been all the time.
Nature; WHY are you such a bitch sometimes!?
MitchellTF Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
Hey, would you mind if I posted this and some of your other non-adult works at this new forum?


It's a good TG. I'd post the comic and give you credit, but unfortunately page 7 violates our anti-adult protocols...
JohnColburn Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Go ahead and post them there if you like; that's why I release them under creative commons, after all!

Just make sure people know that if they come to by gallery and/or that they are likely to encounter adult-oriented material. I'm not out to shock people or anything.

Also, optionally tell your forum administrators that their censorship is hypocritical and ultimately useless.
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
nice, I like the touch that every character has their own colour, for speech, for clothing, and even as we see here, for aura.

it gives it an original and interesting quirk.
Catgirl-Katty Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
Very cool page. I do like how just the body changed and the clothes stayed the same. A few times, is see a drink potion do both, which to me was always weird.

I look forward to the next page, and will wait as long as I need to. Your art is always worth the wait.
JohnColburn Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I did try to emphasize more body changes with less clothing change, but I feel I must point out that his hoodie/shirt changes completely, his pants turn into shorts, and his socks were not nearly that awesome before. I tried to make it more subtle, but the clothing morph is hard to escape ^^.
Catgirl-Katty Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
Well you could have not done it in the first place and have him/her have to buy some temp clothes you know.

And now that you said that, I see it. I is blind I guess. =^-^=
Jynxed151 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
I really like the way the restart has gone, and no offense, but I also like the actual text as opposed to using images to convey their words. But it is nice to have a bit more background to what's going on in the scene, and I look forward to the next and the next and the next etc....
JohnColburn Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, the symbols were fun but ultimately not useful for telling a story. They were, much like the original raver comics, a one-shot joke that just kept rolling.
Artificer-Urza Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009
Ooh. More complex story than the original. I like.
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